Our Unique Offering

The Double R Ranch is a pioneer “in-holding’ created when the West was settled through “160 acres and a mule”.  Because the ranch was created before the National Forest Service it remains private property within the San Juan National Forest (SJNF).  As such, our closest neighbor is 10 miles away and we are surrounded by the 2 million acres of the SJNF.  You simply can’t get any closer to nature than here while still enjoying most of the comforts of civilization.

Our buildings are hand-crafted from local materials and show skilled craftsmanship throughout.  Our fireplaces are constructed from local fieldstone.  Our log buildings come from timbers harvested in Colorado.  The architecture and interior detail highlight the unique offerings of our area.

Interior Spaces

Our Main Lodge has three wood-burning fireplaces, a Great Room, a library, a combined family room/dining room, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen and a wrap-around porch.  It is well-appointed with one-of-a kind details that reflect its luxurious surroundings.

The “Bunkhouse” is a three bedroom, two bath modern log house with a full kitchen and dining room and a large porch with breath-taking views into Utah and New Mexico.

Our Cookhouse is equipped with a full commercial kitchen.  The adjoining dining room has a working fireplace and can accommodate 25-30 guests.  Jan’s Cabin, next to the Cookhouse, is there for food prep and clean-up with refrigerated storage and cooking supplies.

We have a concrete Staging Area that can accommodate a large Pavilion Tent and can seat up to 200 guests.  It offers the flexibility of being used for a wedding ceremony, the wedding dinner, or after dinner dancing in various combinations,  

Our Season

Our season runs from June through October.  Because of our unique location – at high altitude within the National Forest – we are subject to late or early snowstorms in May or October/November, respectively. However, one advantage of being on top of the mountain is that the temperatures are moderate throughout the summer.  A benefit of being surrounded by a National Forest is that we normally have an elk herd in residence during the month of July.  In addition, our pastures and the surrounding area are normally flush with wildflowers through most of the summer.  Come see for yourself.

In November and parts of October, the ranch is primarily used as a base by exclusive hunting parties.  These outings are more rugged and less weather dependent, and the participants expect less coddling.

Why We Built the Double R Ranch

Having lived in Colorado during the 1970’s I always had an ambition to return to its blue skies and majestic mountains… but my career got in the way. Looking for a place to plant a foothold in the 1990’s, I was shocked at how prices had inflated. But when I came across a listing for an in-holding I quickly realized that it was a totally unique property – an artifact of how our country was settled; settlers first and the National Forest Service later. This was a private piece of property in the middle of the National Forest. My wife thought I was crazy: “There are no neighbors! There’s no electricity or water! We’re miles from nowhere! Where will I go to get coffee?” All that sounded pretty good to me…and it was at the top of a mountain, to boot.

Truly, the ranch is a uniquely spectacular property; at an elevation of 9600 feet it can literally take your breath away. The ranch contains stands of aspens of unusual size and age; some of them well over 100 years old. It has unparalleled views of the Four Corners area. Indeed on a clear day you can see over 100 miles out into Utah.

The Double R Ranch was a dude ranch in the 1950’s. It flew in Hollywood types, put them up in canvas tents, and served meals from a small cookhouse. They went on trail rides or practiced casting in the large man-made pond above our current Pavilion Tent. However, it had been neglected for decades. I have owned the property for almost 20 years, but we only started re-building and renovating in earnest six years ago. We know we have further to go but we think we’ve made a excellent start. I think if you tour our newly completed Main Lodge you’ll agree.